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The SCI Foundation aims to improve the health of the most marginalised people by supporting governments in sub-Saharan Africa to develop sustainable, cost-effective programmes against parasitic worm infections.

They help reduce the impact of preventable diseases by providing technical and financial support to Ministries of Health, in line with their own strategies and plans. This helps to enhance sustainability and strengthen health systems within countries affected by these diseases. They work to scale up government-implemented deworming programmes by conducting research and analysis on outcomes to continually improve the programmes.

SCI's goals are to ensure that:

  • Those affected by parasitic worm infections receive treatment and care.
  • Communities change their behaviours to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Environmental changes are put in place to reduce the transmission of infection.
  • Everyone has access to all services that can reduce the risk of - and alleviate the problems associated with - infection.

In 2019/20 SCI reached 48 million people and supported 61.5 million treatments. Their treatments are highly cost-effective, at around £0.33 per child per year.