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New Incentives provides cash transfers to low-income households in Nigeria to increase childhood immunization rates.

The program consists of three main components:

  1. Awareness creation and sensitization about the importance of vaccinations and the existence of the incentives program;
  2. Identifying and addressing bottlenecks in the vaccine supply chain; and
  3. Disbursing cash transfers to caregivers of infants who have received appropriate vaccinations. Caregivers can receive up to $11 over the course of five clinic visits.

New Incentives was founded in 2011 to promote the use of Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs), an evidence-based approach for improving health outcomes in Lower and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). In a quest to identify the most impactful and cost-effective application of CCTs to save lives, the organization explored several models and interventions.

By 2016, they had developed the Conditional Cash Transfers for Routine Immunization program, which GiveWell has now recognized as one of an elite group of charities that saves the most lives per dollar. In Nigeria, the organization operates as All Babies Are Equal Initiative.